Our experience of designing houses for many Countries throughout the World from Saudi Arabia to the Falklands, helps us to provide you with the correct system for your needs.

Correctly designed ventilation is of vital importance to the modern Poultry Farmer.

We offer advice on the most suitable system which generally falls into either Controlled Ventilation or Natural Ventilation utilizing our comprehensive range dependent upon site location and intended use.

  • Fan Shafts
  • Air Vent Shutters
  • External Baffles



Fan Shafts

The most modern method of moving air efficiently is through a round tube, and Harlow Bros have designed a circular acrylic fan shaft liner which can be fitted inside the plywood fan shaft to offer greater airflow, ease of cleaning and fully insulated walls.

The shaft tops have a polyester coated smooth steel cover and can be supplied with deep sides for extra light baffling.

Inside the house, we offer various designs of back-draught shuttering, fail safe openings and under-tray housings.

Harlows are also just as happy to install plastic type chimneys, supplied by other Climate Control Companies.






Air Vent Shutters

All Harlow shutters are insulated and fitted with draught excluders. Air inlet shutters are operated either manually or automatically using a rack and pinion mechanism. This offers a very fine adjustment helping to reduce draughts and give the best possible supply of fresh air to the livestock.

The shutter can be single type, hinged at the top or bottom, and also double type with a second row of shutters underneath, to direct air down over the birds on hot days. The bottom row is usually operated by hand, but can be automated if desired.

In Naturally Ventilated Buildings, the centre hinged shutters in the ridge are also connected to a rack and pinion mechanism, operated by a hand or motorised gear winch.


External Baffles

External air baffles are important to help guide the air into the house, protect the shutters from weather extremes and offer a convenient way of light proofing the building

All Harlow baffles take these factors into account, with our comprehensive range offering different advantages, with most offering ease of cleaning and a minimum restriction to the air flow.